Wasp and Hornet Control in Vancouver

Wasps are most known for their unwelcome sting. Common wasps found in BC include the yellow jacket, hornet, and paper wasp. Although a major contributor to pollination and a benefit to agriculture, wasps can pose a problem to homeowners and businesses. Due to their territorial nature, wasps may sting you if you get close to their nest or food source.

Wasp Removal

Wasp removal is best at the beginning of the season prior to their numbers multiplying. Like bees, wasps require a queen to produce eggs. Traps with bait can help capture queens in the late summer and autumn but since only limited wasps can be trapped, your problem may not be eliminated.

Many wasp removal products are available on the market but care should be taken due to their toxicity and oily products. If a wasp’s nest is disturbed, they are likely to attack in large numbers. During treatment, they can get aggressive and you may be stung. A crushed wasp can release an alarm pheromone to trigger nearby colony members to also attack.

If you don’t feel you have the required expertise to handle wasp control, hire our professional wasp control services. Only professionals can properly use chemical treatments to effectively remove nests. Schedule your appointment today!


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