Silver Fish Removal Services in Vancouver

Sneaky and small, silverfish are sometimes hard to notice. You may have seen one skittering around your bathtub or sink before. They are fast, small, and silver in colour. A year-round problem, silverfish can live for an astounding 6 years if left in proper conditions such as humid, dark places with a steady food source.

Many people mistake firebrats and other species for being silverfish. Silverfish are silver and grey in colour whereas firebrats are brown and orange in colour. Regardless of which pest you have, the removal process and prevention require the same methods.

Common Silverfish Habits

Although silverfish pose no direct danger to humans, their chewing habits can become a nuisance. They tend to feed on paper, clothing, and other items within your home including food made from sugar and flour. Despite these biting habits, they will not bite humans. They typically slip into very small spaces and can often be found in cupboards, drawers, beneath the bathtub, and wallpaper seams. They enjoy dark places and moisture, meaning they are likely to be seen at night in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

Silverfish Control

Since silverfish love wet and damp places, the best solution is to make your place as warm and dry as possible. Store your food and all paper books and documents in sealed containers to cut off their food source. Keeping a clean house can also help prevent infestation; vacuum any cracks and crevices. Spraying insecticide inside the perimeter ensures that no more silverfish enter and that the ones inside are exterminated. Hire our services at any time if you have trouble eliminating silverfish from your home. Call our team to schedule your appointment.


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