Mouse and Rat Infestation Services in the Lower Mainland

Has your home or business fallen victim to the Lower Mainland’s growing rat and mouse infestation? Rats and mice tend to nibble and gnaw on just about anything they can get their mouths on, causing extensive damage to your home or business. They can chew through the wires nestled in your home and cause house fires.

Mice and rats are carriers of many diseases including salmonella, tapeworms, rat-bite fever, fungus disease, and more. Their droppings can also be dangerous, with one mouse being able to produce approximately 18,000 fecal droppings in six months. Due to a fast rate of reproduction, mice and rats can quickly multiple within your property. To keep your family and business safe, keep the rodents outside where they belong with help from the team at VIP Pest Control.

Mouse and Rat Facts

 Both are capable squeezing through small holes, ¼” for mice and ½” for rats

 Rats will eat mainly once a day while mice nibble throughout the day

 Both are mostly active during the night

 Rats are cautious while mice are curious

 Mice can produce up to ten litters a year with approximately 6 mice per litter

 Mice often nest in insulation in attics and under stoves and refrigerators, while rats can be found mainly in attics and garages

 Both have poor vision and focus on smell and taste

 Both are excellent climbers

Prevention and Control

After the proper identification of the mouse or rat problem, it is important to eliminate any food sources and plug any holes or openings they can gain entrance from. If they are in a cupboard, these should be emptied so we can properly access them. Our team may glue boards and place various traps and rodenticide bait throughout the house, as out of view as possible. Try your best to keep children and pets away from these measurements. Once extermination is completed, we will remove all baits and traps. Call VIP Pest Control today to schedule your free consultation.


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